MIA Elevated to Great Taste Producer

A 2-star 2020 Great Taste Award for 65% Dark Chocolate Drops brought the brand’s total to five awards and qualified MIA to become a Great Taste Producer. Operated by the Guild of Fine Foods in London, the classification is in recognition of brands that
consistently deliver high quality, award-winning products over a span of at least three years.

MIA co-founder Sarah Lescrauwaet explains: “Recognition as a Great Taste Producer is a great achievement in the first three years of trading, especially considering that chocolate makers in Africa are playing catch-up with their counterparts in the Northern Hemisphere where chocolatiers build on generations of expertise and brand equity.”

Find out more about MIA Chocolate here

In addition to its flavour credentials, MIA is established as a pioneer in ethical trade. The brand is part of just 1% of value-added chocolate made at the source of 70% of the world’s cocoa in Africa. Making finished products in Africa, the world’s poorest continent, creates four times more revenue for local communities than the export of raw cocoa. The approach also supports skilled jobs in chocolate making, printing and the service sector.

MIA audits its supply chain and measures social impact with Irish NGO Proudly Made In Africa (PMIA).PMIA Director Vikki Brennan explains the organisation work: “PMIA works with manufacturers across the African continent to create value-added finished products that can compete in the global market and create more benefit to communities than the sale of raw inputs like cocoa, cotton and green coffee beans.

We’re very proud of MIA as our first Great Taste Producer. This recognition is further proof that African producers can consistently compete with the most sophisticated manufacturers in the world if they are given the opportunity and the right support.

We’re working hard to ensure that MIA is the first of many Africa-based brands recognised as a Great Taste Producer.”

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