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  • According to conventional wisdom, individuals or institutions that sell stocks when volatility spikes are potentially uninformed and/or irrational. They are typically selling because they are overcome by fear, even though […]
  • Sir James Matthew, the 19th century Anglo-Irish judge, is reputed once to have said: “In England, justice is open to all, like the Ritz Hotel.” That may be the hope […]
  • The boards of family businesses need to step up their professionalisation to broaden succession planning, introduce the next generation and improve the gender mix, says a leading international family business […]
  • Seeking to escape the inflation of the 1970s, policymakers have inadvertently engineered an equally powerful deflation machine. Over the past 30 years, this has been mightily reinforced by the transformation […]


Investing for Global Impact – A Power for Good

Introducing a new partnership with Campden Wealth. We are excited to announce that commencing 2020, IFGI reports will be edited and prepared in partnership with Campden Wealth Ltd. This study, now in it’s 7th edition, has firmly established itself as a global benchmark for individuals, families, family offices and foundations who are either currently involved […]

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