About GIST

At GIST (Global Impact Solutions Today) we strive to be a platform and enabler for Families, Family Foundations and New Generation leaders. We work to provide a framework for effective impact investing and smart philanthropy, whilst helping partners and clients to meet their goals to serve humanity and sustain our planet with a portion of their wealth.

  • We focus on the needs and expectations of all stakeholders
  • We are dedicated to mobilising fresh capital for social impact initiatives
  • We think humanity should be served by wealth and not ruled by it
  • We strictly follow ethical principles
  • We do not compromise our values, strong purpose, integrity and credibility

What We Do

Impact Advisory
We bridge the gap between social & business, ideas & practice, and donors & grantees. We work with organisations to adapt business models and philanthropic approaches to introduce and integrate new perspectives of social impact.

Philanthropy and impact investing mean a lot of different things to different people. As a think tank on this subject, we explore how family offices, foundations and organisations approach impact investing and philanthropy trends.

Supporting projects that have the potential for long term sustainable impact. Partnering with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and organisations to scale and grow into sustainable impact businesses.

Preferred Charities
Supporting charitable endeavours that have the potential for long term sustainable impact. Partnering with organisations and acting as a link between start-up projects and useful potential networks enabling projects to scale and grow their impact.

Who We Are

While we appreciate that sites typically list their Founders, Directors and Officers as thought leaders of the group, this is not our approach. Our policy is one of collaboration and consensus and our leadership looks to our stakeholders and like-minded friends to help shape our passionate engagements.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your continued support.