COVID-19 – how we respond will determine our future

Together we have to make the best of these challenging times; let’s help each other. COVID-19 must prompt us into action, with new urgency, energy and awareness, to profoundly rethink several aspects of our lives, including our social commitments, environment, governance, smart capitalism and globalisation and much more…

COVID-19 offers us the exceptional chance for an evolutionary reset.

Our lesson from COVID-19: we must make the best of this unprecedented global challenge; an opportunity to reset, with profound determination, our future; promoting and supporting a “preventive, holistic & affordable healthcare” for the people and our planet – we all must act now and replace complacency with extraordinary determination.

Let us take the foresight of Bill Gates, “not wars, but a virus will kill us (May 27 2015) !” to a new level: people and not an invisible virus will reset the evolution of mankind!

Together, with your help, GIST Initiatives and our Partners want to drive these efforts. Feeling inspired? Let’s chat.

A poem…

A young African poet wrote the following lines as she sat in Liberia, at her window, watching emergency crews dealing with the 2014-2015 Ebola crisis:

“ …So world, we are here,
On this hand-washing,
Hugs and handshake-prohibiting,
Nonstop Ebola ride.”

From the poem, “Ebola Ride”, Under Ducor Skies, by Liberian Poet, Patrice Juah