COVID-19 – how we respond will determine our future

Although deep uncertainty surrounds many aspects of the COVID-19 unprecedented emergency and its profound impact is being felt around the planet, it must prompt us into action, with new urgency, energy and awareness, to slow and stop the transmission of COVID-19 and to profoundly rethink several aspects of our lives. This includes our social commitments, collaboration and cohesion, our environment, our governance, smart capitalism and globalisation and much more…

COVID-19 offers us the exceptional chance to explore sustainable and resilient solutions.

Our lesson from COVID-19: the Coronavirus has revealed many weaknesses and flaws in our global systems, we must change and get better. The timing has never been better to reset, with profound determination, our future; promoting and supporting a “preventive, holistic & affordable healthcare and well-being” for the people and our planet – we all must act now, replace complacency with extraordinary determination and find effective creative solutions!

Let us take the foresight of Bill Gates, “not wars, but a virus will kill us (May 27 2015) !” to a new level: people and not an invisible virus will reset the evolution of mankind!

Together, with your help, GIST Initiatives and our Partners want to drive these efforts. Feeling inspired? Spread this message! We urge you to stay connected and join the conversation.

One thing we have noticed, is the impact on our health and wellbeing with the increased use of screen time and virtual working. We write about this here.

A poem…

A young African poet wrote the following lines as she sat in Liberia, at her window, watching emergency crews dealing with the 2014-2015 Ebola crisis:

“ …So world, we are here,
On this hand-washing,
Hugs and handshake-prohibiting,
Nonstop Ebola ride.”

From the poem, “Ebola Ride”, Under Ducor Skies, by Liberian Poet, Patrice Juah

Please stay strong, help contain and prepare to understand and build a new normal… a superior tomorrow! It’s not possible to replicate yesterday.

Collectively we have to make the best of these challenging times and fear-provoking world subdued by the COVID-19 virus. We must learn to adjust to a very different world, reshape business practices,  remodel consumer habits and re-evaluate investors routine and psychology. Let’s stay connected and help each other!

Stay Smart, Stay Aware, Stay Preventive.

Our partner Lord Nigel Crisp, the former head of the English NHS, the world’s largest health system has written the following article on health and human flourishing. Nigel is featured in this year’s Investing for Global Impact Report: A Power for Good and has a wealth of experience in social impact. His latest book Health is made at home, hospitals are for repairs is available at