GIST Initiative: MIA

Quality chocolate, completely sourced and totally made in Africa

GIST is proud to be supporting KuanZa and MIA Chocolate (Made In Africa – visit their website). We have been working closely with this brand since its launch in 2016 and believe in its pioneering approach to producing sustainable, high quality chocolate.

Enjoy MIA Chocolate (where to find MIA) and you will generate a positive impact for the Madagascan community. Amazing food that does good.

“Africa and its people represent 12% of the world’s population but just 2% of global trade. As a case in point, they produce 70% of the world’s cocoa but make less than 1% of value-added chocolate. There is a huge gap that is created by many global injustices. Paying farmers a fair price is important and going further to manufacture products locally is the way for countries to change the imbalance of trade and help communities help themselves.

The co-founders of MIA, Brett Beach and his wife Sarah have made a commitment to make all of their products in Africa because they believe that making delicious food on the continent is the best way to help people help themselves. They started MIA with chocolate made in Madagascar but their vision is to work with talented communities around Africa. With the help of industry partners and the enthusiasm of consumers, MIA is a great way to make the world a better place with products that feel as good as they taste.

Certified and Award Winning

  • MIA recently won a 2-star Great Taste Award (2020) for the 65% Dark Baking Chocolate. The award was the fifth and the brand has now won awards 3 years in a row. This qualifies MIA as a Great Taste Producer.
  • MIA wins 3 Great Taste Awards (October 2019) bringing the brand total to 4. Their ‘Baobab & Salted Nibs’ chocolate won a 2-star Award: “A well balanced acidity… a lovely crunch and citrusy note… quite fascinating bursts of flavour: sweet, salty savoury and fruity…” Read more…
  • MIA is officially Vegan. The full range of MIA bars have been accredited by the Vegetarian Society. Read more…
  • Today, MIA chocolate is not certified organic but does use a number of organic components produced in Madagascar: Cocoa, Cocoa butter, Baobab Powder, Hemp Seed. Together, these ingredients equal approximately 70% of MIA chocolate composition. 
  • Download the MIA 2019 Impact Report

At the Farm

MIA chocolate is exclusively crafted with fine flavour cocoa grown in organic forests on small-scale farms in Northwest Madagascar. Farmers use traditional methods to grow MIA cocoa on family farms in the Sambirano Valley, blessed with volcanic soil, tropical sun and plenty of rain. Thanks to a high percentage of the most flavourful cocoa — Trinitario and Criollo — the Madagascan crop has earned the fine flavour classification from the International Cocoa Organization in London, a recognition of excellent taste awarded to the top 10% of the cocoa globally. 

Beyond cocoa, MIA features all natural ingredients in its range of chocolate bars, including certified organic hemp seed and baobab powder. The result is rich, all-natural chocolate that is both delicious and good for the planet. 

1 for Change

In addition to the security and improved livelihood MIA provides for local farmers, they have also created 1 for Change: their own dedicated African Community Programme which dedicates 1% of all MIA sales to development projects in places where it can go a long way. These projects might include helping to protect local endangered species, create healthier environments or improve a community’s livelihood.

Read more about their work with 1 for Change:

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