Learning from the next generation – European Family Office Forum – Nov 5th

GIST are pleased to announce that one of the case studies within our 2020 Global Impact Report: A Power for Good, will be featured and brought to life in person through an hour-long, live interview with Kurt & Victoria Engelhorn, moderated by Jamie Cayzer-Colvin, at the upcoming European Family Office Conference on November 5th, hosted by Campden Wealth.  They will present on “Investing for Global Impact: Learning from the next generation” – This discussion will explore the balance they strike to use the family wealth in a more meaningful way. Kurt and Victoria Engelhorn are 4th and 5th generation wealth holders in an entrepreneurial family. They are direct descendants of Friedrich Engelhorn, who founded BASF in 1865, and are the son and granddaughter of Curt Engelhorn. Victoria firmly believes that non-financial objectives in investing and business are crucial to advance our economies and societies. Kurt, is a big fan of her philanthropic engagement but takes a different, typically more traditional approach with his own investments. 

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