You are invited to take part in the Investing for Global Impact 2020 Survey.

The survey is now closed, thank you to everyone who participated. We look forward to sharing the results with you towards the end of the year.

The 2020 report will be the 7th Edition of the report, which is the largest study of its kind on private wealth in the impact investing and philanthropy space.

Although deep uncertainty surrounds many aspects of the COVID-19 unprecedented emergency and its profound impact is being felt around the planet, it must prompt us into action, with new urgency, energy and awareness, to profoundly rethink several aspects of our lives. This includes our social commitments, collaboration and cohesion, our environment, our governance, smart capitalism and globalisation and much more. Your participation in the survey is very valuable, whether you are active in philanthropy, impact investing, and/or traditional investing. And as a token of our appreciation, all participants are entitled to a full, free copy of this unique publication.

This study is conducted by Campden Wealth Research in partnership with GIST and Barclays Private Bank and other sponsors. It assesses the practices and opinions of individuals, families, family offices and foundations currently active, or simply interested, in this arena. 

We aim to provide a snapshot of current engagement, trends and
preferences towards impact investing and philanthropy, to provide families and individuals with a benchmark against which to measure their own activities.

We also aim to uncover the attitudes and thoughts of those who do not yet engage in these areas, or who may approach social impact
in a different way.

As the chart above shows, the majority of our respondents make
positive returns from investments that also provide a social return.

• The full report, based on the results of this research, will be made available to all participants (September 2020).
• The findings will help you to compare your approach, and scope of investments against those of your peers.
• Reaffirm and share findings regarding motivations towards and
barriers limiting impact investing and philanthropy.
• Your identity and all of the data you provide will be treated as
strictly confidential, and will not be shared with any third-party,
including GIST and Barclays. Your responses will be amalgamated
with that of others for the final report.

For further information please contact:

Samir de Chadarevian

Dr. Rebecca Gooch