GIST Initiative: Face The Music

Today, communication is a transformational and essential force in a pandemic like COVID-19. Using music for experiential learning and audience engagement, the Face the Music’s programs can stimulate understanding, cooperation, awareness and positive outcomes in Africa whilst softening the deep uncertainties prompted by COVID-19.

Face The Music is a global consulting firm founded in the US in 1999 by Paul Kwiecinski that is a collaboration between skilled musicians and experienced organisational consultants who bring a uniquely powerful mix to clients’ programs, communications, and events, delivering experiential learning and team & leadership development through music. 

Their music-based learning is a powerful catalyst for change, innovation, insight, and transformation. Using a variety of musical genres in their toolkit, they use the power of music to facilitate learning, awareness, and communal understanding that lead to ownership and behavioural change.  Face The Music’s work is customised for the specific needs of the audience, situation, and objectives at hand.

Today, their clients include: eBay, Panasonic, AT&T, The World Bank, Pfizer, J&J, Canon, 3M, PayPal, Accenture, JPMorganChase, Bristol-Myers Squibb, HP, Microsoft, Allstate, Nestle, and Western Digital

Using music as experiential learning, a powerful engagement tool, and a mnemonic device, Face The Music’s programs promote understanding, cooperation, and positive results.

We, at Face The Music, would be honored to have the opportunity to serve by bringing these tools in to impact and to accelerate sustainable development in Africa and to assist in mitigating the crucial coronavirus situation in there, where music is deeply embedded in the cultures and way of life. Face The Music intends to involve, partner, and engage with local and regional musicians to organize and deliver the programs.

Communication is an essential and indispensable element in a dramatic pandemic like COVID-19. Done well, it enables nations to deliver guidelines to their people in a clear and memorable manner and to determine a positive future. With Africa’s unique demographics, music is a powerful tool for this communication. Creating a simple way in which people can access vital information is the goal.

Face The Music creates messaging programs that include webinars, social media outreach, music videos, and multi-media pieces that inform and engage. The content is designed to be shared and invite comment and participation. An example of this would be using the TicTok platform to create a song, groove, dance, with a set of guidelines included, where participants can create a personal version for sharing virally in social media.

Employing this methodology facilitates embedding an essential message that is vital, informative, and fun.

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