GIST Initiative: Afya Rekod

Using data-driven solutions and patient engagement to improve public health in Africa and also help mitigate the impact of COVID-19

Afya Rekod, incorporated in Kenya, is a consumer driven medical record storage platform, with the mission to advance public health in Africa.  The platform allows users to store their medical records,  prescriptions, medication, test , x-ray and much more so they can gain access to better healthcare services throughout Africa and globally. Users maintain full control of their stored data at any time; the platform is the intelligent partner in well-being for each and every user.

The platform allows organizations, health providers and medical experts to interact and connect with patients , even remotely, in real time whilst providing a resource center for training and knowledge sharing. 

Patients can nonstop advance their education in health ,access care-givers anywhere and also contact insurance services . 

COVID-19 is escalating in some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in Africa.

CEO Telkom Kenya and John Kamara: Afya Rekod partners with Telkom Kenya to fight COVID-19

In response to the global, current pandemic, Afya Rekod has also developed a model to assist Governments and Organisations to track and monitor in real-time COVID-19 symptoms and help mitigate the impact of this unexpected emergency in Africa, also through epidemiological tracking.

The Founder is John Kamara a Director for Innovation at the CREATES Incubation Center, Nelson Mandela University in Arusha. 

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