“What do family offices and foundations want from social investment?”

“What do family offices and foundations want from social investment?” This is a question answered by Megan Taylor and Gamil de Chadarevian of GIST Initiatives Ltd, in a new book “Demystifying Social Finance and Social Investment” to be published by Routledge on 29 October. You can pre-order this at Amazon:  

The book has been authored by Mark Salway and colleagues from The Business School (formerly Cass), along with contributions from a wide group of experts in the field.

Social finance and social investment are not challenging concepts to grasp. They use commercial style investment tools to create a social as well as a financial return. The application, however, is not always as straightforward. This book helps the reader to understand this from different angles: introducing social investment, discussing social investment and taking a “deep-dive” into it to bring it to life. This unique book takes the reader on that journey from first principles to detailed practical application.

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