Introducing a new partnership with Campden Wealth.

We are excited to announce that commencing 2020, IFGI reports will be edited and prepared in partnership with Campden Wealth Ltd. This study, now in it’s 7th edition, has firmly established itself as a global benchmark for individuals, families, family offices and foundations who are either currently involved or seeking to enter the Impact Investing sphere.

Campden Wealth, with the largest network of UHNW families and family offices globally, see this as a timely partnership, as we have witnessed a rapidly accelerating allocation to Impact Investing, and foresee this trend increasing exponentially over the coming years.

We believe the collaboration between GIST and Campden Wealth’s network will allow us to provide even more insight and direction, along with a bespoke benchmarking service.

  • Campden Wealth is an independent family-owned business providing unrivalled knowledge, intelligence and connectivity for family businesses, family offices and significant private investors worldwide.
  • For over three decades, Campden Wealth has served ultra-high net worth individuals, their family businesses and family offices.
  • Campden’s team of experts truly understand and work to benefit the private wealth community. This is demonstrated through producing ground-breaking research like the internationally acclaimed Global Family Office Report series, hosting top-tier events, providing an exclusive membership club, benchmarking, and publishing thought-provoking journalism.
  • Campden Research, a division of Campden Wealth, produces a number of reports each year on wealth-related topics, from the family office and family business space, to investments, cyber security, philanthropy, next generation and more.
  • Campden Wealth has unprecedented access to the UHNW community, reaching a range and depth that is unmatched in the industry. Therefore, Campden Wealth understands the wealth community like no other.
  • Campden Wealth – via its widespread wealth network, tailored promotion, exclusive events, penetrating journalism and elite membership – reaches an unrivalled proportion of UHNW family members, and their family office and family business executives.,

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